Abdominal Pregnancy

A 30-year-old woman presented with an uncomplicated pregnancy until routine ultrasonography at 19 weeks revealed severe oligohydramnios and a fetus that appeared to be extrauterine. Computed tomography  abdomen and pelvis confirmed an abdominal ectopic pregnancy, with no uterine wall visible surrounding the pregnancy.  (adapted from NEJM)

Image from NEJM (link)           Gabriela Gayer, M.D.  NEJM 2012; 367:2334,  December 13, 2012

The pregnancy was terminated, and surgical removal of the fetus was performed. An abdominal pregnancy refers to a pregnancy that has implanted in the peritoneal cavity, external to the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. In contrast to tubal ectopic pregnancies, abdominal pregnancies may go undetected until an advanced gestational age. Abdominal pregnancies are associated with a high rate of maternal complications.  (reblogged from NEJM)

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