Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius (31 December 1514 – 15 October 1564) was a Flemish anatomist, physician, and author of one of the most influential books on human anatomy, De humani corporis fabrica (On the Structure of the Human Body). Vesalius is often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy. (from Wikipedia)

Vesalius’s frontispiece to De Fabrica Corporis Humani (1543) (detail)

Vesalius’s frontispiece to De Fabrica Corporis Humani (1543) captures the new enthusiasm for anatomy at Padua and elsewhere. Vesalius taught anatomy according to structure, thus the skeleton presiding over the anatomy. Rather than looking at a Galenic text, students crowd to watch Vesalius himself perform the anatomy.(from click here for a large version and here for an audio description of the frontispiece

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