Brain Rug

The beauty and symmetry of neurological structures can inspire people in many ways.  Here is a closeup of a wool rug designed by University of Oregon, professor of Developmental Psychology, Marjorie Taylor

Marjorie Taylor (2009) Warm Glow or fabricMRI: Bill’s Brain, detail from a 5′ x 6′ Rug hooked from wool fabric strips. Link

Artist statement:

“Hooked rugs are a traditional craft in my native province of Nova Scotia. They often portray subjects such as flowers, cats, and lighthouses. This rug depicts axial slices of an MRI scan, as the images are typically shown with fMRI analysis software. Hooked rugs produce digital images because they use loose-weave fabric as a grid base for the wool fabric strips. They have a pixilated look that reminded me of the discrete voxels that are output by current MRI technology. I used the drawings from the Talairach Atlas and an MRI of my husband’s brain as guides for the anatomy.”   (link)

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