Bronchogenic Cyst

A 15 years old boy suffering only from right sided chest pain for 3 months applied to thoracic surgery clinic. Physical examination was completely normal. After a chest X-ray we show a circular lesion nearby the hilar region of right lung, posterior to shadow of the heart. Computerized tomography revealed that a cystic mass was localized to subpleural region of posterior chest wall about the level of superior margin of right inferior lung. (from link)

bronchogenic cyst (microscopic view)

Intraoperative view of bronchogenic cyst


Bronchogenic cysts (BC), occur until gestational 6th weeks from abnormal budding of thrachea. They are generally situated in mediastinum and parenchyma of the lungs. Extrathoracic localizations, although uncommon, are neck, abdomen and subcutaneous areas.

Source: G. Findik, E. Cakir, D. Kahraman, S. Kaya: The Localization Of Bronchogenic Cyst Away From Mediastinum. The Internet Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2009 Volume 13 Number 2. DOI: 10.5580/113e

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