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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Left cervical rib.

This is a radiograph of a patient who has been experiencing intermittent claudication of the left arm for many years.

left cervical rib

Case submitted to Radiopaedia by Dr. Jan Fank Gerstenmaier (link)

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Thumb Dislocation

Thumb dislocation.

thumb dislocation

thumb dislocation

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Club Feet

Clubfoot is a complex deformity that is readily apparent at birth and in some cases is diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound. The goal of treatment is to obtain and maintain correction of the clubfoot so that the patient has a functional, pain-free, plantigrade foot, with good mobility and without calluses, and does not need modified shoes. Parents of infants born with clubfeet and no other significant medical problems should be reassured that their child, when treated by medical experts, will have feet that are fully compatible with a normal, active life. However, it must always be remembered that a clubfoot will never be a normal foot. (from

Image from helpcurenow flickr (link)

Here are baby Moses’ feet after casting.  (for additional images click here)

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Posterior Rib Fractures

Posterior rib fractures have a high specificity for child abuse.  In this case, a 2 month old was brought to the emergency department lethargic and in respiratory distress.  On radiographic examination, multiple posterior and lateral rib fractures were noted.  The child additionally was fournd to have subdural hematomas, and despite all attempts at resuscitation, succumbed to her injuries.

Anatomybox image.

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