Cerebellum histology

The unusual surface appearance of the cerebellum conceals the fact that most of its volume is made up of a very tightly folded layer ofgray matter, the cerebellar cortex.  It has been estimated that, if the human cerebellar cortex were completely unfolded, it would give rise to a layer of neural tissue about 1 meter long and averaging 5 centimeters wide — a total surface area of about 500 square cm, packed within a volume of dimensions 6 cm × 5 cm × 10 cm.  Underneath the gray matter of the cortex lies white matter, made up largely ofmyelinated nerve fibers running to and from the cortex. Embedded within the white matter — which is sometimes called the arbor vitae (Tree of Life) because of its branched, tree-like appearance in cross-section — are four deep cerebellar nuclei, composed of gray matter. (wikipedia)

Virtual Microscopy (NYU histology)  

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