Brain & Cranial Nerves

Brain Organization, Protection, and Blood Supply

  • Major Parts of the Brain
  • Protective Covering of the Brain
  • Brain Blood Flow and Blood Brain Barrier

Cerebral Spinal Fluid

  • Formation of CSF in the Ventricles
  • Circulation of CSF

The Brain Stem

Medulla Oblongata
Reticular Formation

The Cerebellum

here is a video of a boy who has hypoplasia (improperly formed) cerebellum

The Diencephalon

Circumventricular Organs

The Cerebrum

Lobes of the Cerebrum

Cerebral White Matter
Basal Ganglia
The Limbic System

Functional Organization of the Cerebral Cortex

  • Sensory Areas
  • Motor Areas
  • Association Areas
  • Hemispheric Lateralization
  • Brain Waves

Cranial Nerves

  1. Olfactory
  2. Optic
  3. Oculomotor
  4. Trochlear
  5. Trigeminal
  6. Abducens
  7. Facial
  8. Vestibulocochlear
  9. Glossopharyngeal
  10. Vagus
  11. Accessory
  12. Hypoglossal

Development of the Nervous System




Simple, brain infographic (here) by J Mohsenin