Child Development

Due to the growth of the skull, dramatical changes occur in the bony parts of a child face from the neonatal stage to adolescence. Moreover the growth of soft parts changes their thickness and stiffness – a chubby face turns into an elongated and more distinct face during the growth. Additionally, facial features, such as the nose and the eyes, become more prominent and evolve to the main characteristics of a face. All these changes appear slowly and continuously during the growth, this is why it is so difficult to observe and predict the facial changes. (Alice J Lin- link)

Video by Frans Hofmeester  (link)

“I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 12 years old
an then made this time lapse edit in FCP. The music and tune is made by myself with GarageBand samples.”

Many thanks to Frans Hofmeester and this ongoing project.  I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

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