Club Feet

club foot  is a congenital deformity involving one foot or both.  The affected foot appears rotated internally at the ankle. TEV is classified into 2 groups: Postural TEV or Structural TEV.

Without treatment, persons afflicted often appear to walk on their ankles, or on the sides of their feet. It is a common birth defect, occurring in about one in every 1,000 live births. Approximately 50% of cases of clubfoot are bilateral. In most cases it is an isolated dysmelia. This occurs in males more often than in females by a ratio of 2:1.  (from wikipedia)

Image from (link)     Photo by Janelle Aby, MD (image may only be used for educational purposes)

“Bilateral club foot is noted in this infant. The feet are plantar-flexed and inverted. Because this is a bony deformity, this position is rigid.”

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