Digestive Organs

I will try at times to put medical illustration images in this repository because they help explain human anatomy.  Sometimes I will post images that are beautiful to look at, and truthfully, I enjoy the artistry of old anatomy engravings.  Here is one dated from the mid 19th century.

Illustration caption from an anatomy text circa 1860


a, Esophagus or Gullet; b, Cardiac end of Stomach; c, Pyloric end of Stomach. d. Duodenum; ef, Convolutions of Small Intestines; g, Caecum; g’, Appendix; h, Ascending Colon; i, Transverse Colon; k, Descending Colon; l, Sigmoid Flexure; m, Rectum; n, Anus; o o, Lobes of Liver, raised and turned back; p, Hepatic Duct; q, Cystic Duct; r, Gall Bladder; s, Common Bile Duct; t, Pancreas; u, Pancreatic Duct, entering the duodenum with the common bile duct.

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