Gastroschisis is a rare congenital defect in the abdominal wall that results in herniation of abdominal contents; the estimated incidence is 1 in 10,000 live births. Unlike omphaloceles, gastroschisis typically occurs in the right paraumbilical area, as in this infant, and does not contain a peritoneal sac covering (from pediatricconsultant360)
another image at pediatricconsultant360                                                                 (Image source)

The cause is thought to be a vascular accident involving the right umbilical vein or right omphalomesenteric artery (OMA). The right umbilical vein normally involutes between 28 and 32 days postconception, whereas the right OMA develops into the superior mesenteric artery. Premature involution of the right umbilical vein or disruption of the distal right OMA can lead to ischemia, infarction, and necrosis of the abdominal wall in the paraumbilical region on the right side. This necrotic section allows bowel to enter the amniotic cavity. (from pediatric consultant360)

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