Irish Giant

Charles Byrne, the “Irish Giant” scaled a distance of over 7ft 7in from the ground. Byrne broke into fame during 1780s demonstrating himself as a freak, curiosity, and astonishment all over London.

The life of the celebrity ultimate got the better of him, which might be down to the fact that he got involved into heavy drinking. Later, the giant died at his Charing Cross residence at the age of 22. Soon after the death of the Irish Giant, his body was taken by John Hunter, a London-based surgeon, and his skeleton was kept for display at the London-based Royal College of Surgeons’ Hunterian Museum. (from topnews)

image from (link)  Photo of the queen’s visit to the Hunterian Museum, 1962

“The Queen seems impressed as she views the skeleton of the Irish Giant, 8ft 2in Charles Byrne, in the Hunterian Museum during her visit to the new buildings of the Royal College of Surgeons of England at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. Charles Byrne was born in 1761 in Drummullan in what was then northeast Tyrone. He moved to London aged 21 and found fame and riches. Charles Byrne died aged just 22, his final wish that he be buried at sea rather than have his body given to science, was clearly not granted.  (from

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