Lab Skin

Learning Objectives

  • Name and distinguish the four layers of the epidermis in terms of structure and function.
  • Identify the two layers of the dermis and the hypodermis and explain their functional significance.
  • Describe the basic structure and function of several key epidermal derivatives.
  • Contrast the three modes of exocrine secretion and give examples of cells that exhibit each type.
  • Recognize some key pathological examples affecting skin and epidermal derivatives.

Virtual Microscopy

Human Scalp, vs hair insertion, sebaceous gland

Plantar skin, Human, v.s sweat gland

Human skin, v.s., elastin-triple

Skin Cancer, human section

Human tattoo,

Human Vater-Pacini corpuscle, section

Primate Meissner’s Corpuscle, section



Yale Histology (skin)