Laparoscopic surgery

Photograph showing surgeons performing a live donor kidney transplant. The surgeon is performing a laparoscopy, commonly called keyhole surgery, which uses a specialised camera called a laparoscope and small, thin instruments that are inserted into the patient’s abdomen via small incisions. (from Wellcome Images)

Image by David Bishop (Wellcome Images)  creative commons licence

The surgeon in the middle performs this procedure while looking at the plasma screens that display internal images of the patient’s abdomen projected from the laparoscope. He navigates his way through the abdominal wall, past the colon to the kidney, where careful incisions dissect the kidney away from the liver and associated blood vessels. A second small incision is made in the lower abdomen and, using a small surgical net, the kidney is extracted in its entirety. The surgery is performed under blue light to make the image on the screens clearer for the surgeon to work with.

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