Meissner’s Corpuscles

Meissner’s corpuscles (or tactile corpuscles) are a type of mechanoreceptor.  They are a type of nerve ending in the skin that is responsible for sensitivity to light touch.   You can find them most readily beneath the epidermis in the dermal papillae.

Meissner’s corpuscles are responsive to low-frequency stimuli and are usually associated with hairless skin of the lips and palmar and plantar surfaces, particularly those of the fingers and toes.  These receptors are tapered cylinders located in the undulating connective tissue just underneath the stratified epithelium of the skin called “dermal papillae” .  Within these receptors, one or two nonmyelinated endings of myelinated nerve fibers follow a spiral path through the corpuscle.  The fibers are accompanied by ensheathing Schwann cells, the nuclei of which are flattened and stacked on top of each other giving the corpuscle its characteristic irregular, lamellar appearance. (adapted from Univ of Michigan Histology)

Virtual Microscopy this slide is a finger tip H&E

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