Microtubules are a component of the cytoskeleton. These cylindrical polymers of tubulin can grow as long as 25 micrometers and are highly dynamic. The outer diameter of microtubule is about 25 nm. Microtubules are important for maintaining cell structure, providing platforms for intracellular transport, forming the mitotic spindle, as well as other cellular processes. (from wikipedia)
Image from publications.nigms.nih.gov (link)       Image credit: Torsten Wittmann, UCSF.

Fluorescence speckle microscopy, which tags a fraction of a protein, can improve image focus and the visibility of structures and dynamics in thick regions of living cells. Here, speckle microscopy illuminates the intricate network of microtubule (yellow) and actin filament (purple) fibers that builds a cell’s structure. 

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