Pinball Machine

Canadian Artist Howie Tsui, was asked to create works to commemorate the bicentennial of the war of 1812.  One of his works called “Musketball”, rethemes a pinball machine to evoke what happens when a musketball enters the body.  “Since a musket (ball) isn’t aerodynamic, when it enters your body it doesn’t come clean out, like a modern bullet, it just kind of rattles around in your torso,” he said.  The exhibit was entitled: Friendly Fire (link).

Musketball, by Howie Tsui, 2012. (link)

“Friendly Fire marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Strikingly crude in today’s terms, the Grasett field-surgery kit provided a jumping off point for Howie Tsui’s exploration of the medical, ethical and ethno-political dimensions of the conflict. Through a series of irreverent sculptures and drawings-including a functional re-themed pinball machine entitled Musketball!-the resulting exhibition illuminates the brutal conditions of the body in war and the medical techniques of the period, and touches on suppressed aspects of the war including the prevalence of self-injury and manipulation of aboriginal allies.” From the Museum of Health Care at Kingston

link to YouTube video with Howie Tsui discussing his work for this exhibit (here)

An interview with the artist in Vimeo (here)

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