Retinal Hemorrhages

The incidence of Retinal Hemorrhages in shaken-baby syndrome (SBS) is 85% but higher in children who have died versus unimpaired survivors.  There is an association between severity of brain injury and Retinal Hemorrahage severity. (from Retinal Hemorrhages in Abusive Head Injury)
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Posterior pole of the left eye and extending into the midperiphery of the retina (at edges of image) of an infant with abusive head trauma. Image shows optic nerve (asterisk), a preretinal hemorrhage (note how it lies over a retinal vessel) (short arrows), and flame hemorrhage with characteristic linear appearance (long arrows).

Image from Retinal Hemorrhages in Children (Link)

Retinal Hemorrhages in Abusive Head Trauma. Alex Levin. October 2010 (PDF Link)

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