Seminiferous tubules

Seminiferous tubules are located in the testes, and are the specific location of meiosis, and the subsequent creation of gametes, namelyspermatozoa.  The epithelium of the tubule consists of sustentacular or Sertoli cells, which are tall, columnar type cells that line the tubule.  In between the Sertoli cells are spermatogenic cells, which differentiate through meiosis to sperm cells.  (Adapted from Wikipedia)

Univ of Michigan Virtual Microscopy (link)

In some of the seminiferous tubules the epithelium may be pulled away somewhat from the basement membrane, leaving a white space, which is an artifact). Each seminiferous tubule is surrounded by a boundary layer or tunica propria, composed of flattened cells, several cells thick. Most of the cells that lie against the basement membrane and have round nuclei are spermatogonia. (from U of Michigan Histology)

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