Spear through Brain

This radiograph is a lateral skull film of a 16 year old boy who was accidentally hit with a spear by a friend during a Florida fishing trip.  The 3ft (90 cm) spear entered his brain over his right eye and went out the back of his head.

Image via bbc.co.uk

Yasser Lopez, 16, was reportedly awake when he arrived at the hospital.  He then had part of the spear severed with a mechical cutter so he could fit into the CT scanner.  According to doctors, the teenager has no memory of the “freak acident.”

He was shot with the projectile as he swam in a lake near his Miami area home on 8 June when his friend set off the trigger of a spear gun he was loading.

While medics are not sure of the extent of the damage to his memory and other parts of the brain, they say his condition could have been much worse.

“It’s a miracle the spear missed all the main blood vessels of the brain,” neurosurgeon Ross Bullock told reporters.

Also helpful, doctors say, was the foreign object’s trajectory into the right side of the brain, Mr Lopez’s non-dominant lobe, missing the parts responsible for speech and other important functions. (from BBC)

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