Classroom Text

Principles of Human Anatomy, 11th edition.  Gerard Tortora, Mark Nielsen. 2009. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 13 978-0-471-78931-4 .

There are copies for 30 dollars (new)




Lab Manual Anatomy Pictorial Atlas and CD, Rodriguez
Supplies Dissection kit, Gloves
Optional Histology Atlas by Diflorio; Cat Musculature Guide by Ershenko
Exams 4 lecture exams 

4 lab practicals

400 points 

400 points

Total 800 points
Grade Scale Points 

720 and above




479 and below

Letter Grade 






Lecture Exams

Lecture exams will be multiple choice.  The final lecture exam may have one or more comprehensive essay question(s) in addition to the multiple choice

Lab Practicals

Lab practicals will be timed. These exams may or may not be given on the same day as the lecture exam.

Make-up Policy

Exams may only be made up if the instructor is notified of the pending absence PRIOR TO THE EXAM, and only under emergency situations.  

The instructor reserves the right to decide what is an emergency. Make-up Exam All make-up exams will be given on final exam week along with the final exam. Make-up exams will have ANY FORMAT that the instructor chooses. You may only make up one exam, and it may not be the final exam

You must leave the lab the way you find it: Clean.

Academic Honesty

Any student who participates in cheating will receive 0 points for the exam/quiz/practical associated with the dishonesty. 

If cheating is evident on more than one exam/quiz/practical the student will be dismissed from the class with a grade of F for the course. This applies to the active participant as well as the passive participant if the instructor believes that appropriate prevention procedures were not employed by the student. (see IVC catalogue 2008/2009 p. 77) If a student is unclear as to what constitutes academic dishonesty you may contact the President’s Office (949) 451-5210

Drop/ Add Look at your syllabus for important drop dates.