Tabulae Anatomicae

Julius Casserius (AKA Giulio Caeesrio, Giulius Casseri, or Casserii Placentini) was born ca.1556 or ca.1561 in Piancenza, Italy.  Casserius’ father died when he was young and, being nearly destitute, he entered the houshold of the noted Paduan Anatomist, Girolamo Fabrizi d’Acquapendente (AKA Fabricus). After showing extraordinary initiative, the master took it on himself to teach Casserius anatomy. Casserius went from family servant to auditor to surgical disciple. (

Venice, 1627. Copperplate engraving

Image from historical anatomies, national library of medicine (link)

Giulio Casserio
(ca. 1552-1616)

Odoardo Fialetti

“Some of Casserio’s plates stage a not-so-subtle flirtation. Here the model coyly hides behind a veil of his own body tissue as he bares his innards.” (

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