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Multiple Enchondroma

Enchondroma is one type of benign (noncancerous) cartilage tumor that appears on the inside of the bone. These tumors usually begin and grow in childhood, then stop growing but remain present throughout adulthood. They are often found in patients between 10 and 20 years of age. Some cases become dormant or burned out.

These tumors are very common and often occur in the small bones of the hand and feet. In fact, they are the most common tumor of the hand. They also occur in the long bones of the upper arm and thigh.

In rare cases, multiple tumors can appear as part of a syndrome. These syndromes are Ollier’s disease and Maffucci’s syndrome. (orthoinfo.aaos.org-link)

Image from museum.icp.org (writing on card digitally removed) link.

G.T. Williams & Bros.
Multiple Enchondroma
Albumen print
Collection of the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

The child above likely has a condition called Ollier Disease.

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Maffucci syndrome

Maffucci syndrome is a sporadic disease characterized by the presence of multiple enchondromas associated with multiple hemangiomas. Patients are normal at birth and the syndrome manifests during childhood and puberty. The enchondromas affect the extremities and their distribution is asymmetrical. The most common sites of enchondromas are the metacarpal bones and phalanges of the hands. The feet are less commonly afflicted. Disfigurations of the extremities are a result. Pathological fractures can arise in affected metaphyses and diaphysesof the long bones and are common (26%).  (from wikipedia)
Image from fuckyeahnarcotics tumblr (here)

The hand x-ray reveals multiple well defined and centrally located round and oval lytic lesions with endosteal scalloping, sclerotic margins, and expansion of the cortex in the metacarpal, middle phalanx, and distal phalanx bones of the left hand, the lesions have a characteristic rings and arcs pattern of calcification, which suggests cartilaginous tumors, no pathologic fracture of any of these lesions is seen. (reblogged from fuckyeahnarcotics tumblr)

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Maffucci syndrome is distinguished from similar disorders involving enchondromas by the presence of red or purplish growths in the skin consisting of tangles of abnormal blood vessels (hemangiomas). Affected individuals occasionally also have lymphangiomas, which are masses made up of the thin tubes that carry lymph fluid (lymphatic vessels). These growths may appear anywhere on the body.

The abnormal growths associated with Maffucci syndrome may become cancerous (malignant). In particular, affected individuals may develop bone cancers called chondrosarcomas, especially in the skull. (Adapted from Genetics Home Reference)

Image from Pulse Today Photostream flickr (link).  Photo taken by Robert Salthouse at Northern Gen Hosp, Sheffield.

This image was a Bronze winner in the institute of Medical Illustrators Awards 2010.

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