I love anatomy and I love maps, so what can be better than this whimsical anatomical schematic by Sam Loman?  In Underskin, Sam has created an infographic that traces the routes of eight different systems within the body, and highlights the major connection points.

Underskin by Sam Loman  click here for a higher resolution image.  Her website here.   To purchase  a poster here

Sam Loman (b.1983) is a Dutch graphic designer, photographer, writer, children’s book illustrator with varied interests that range from medicine, to fashion, to food.  A year before graduating, she started her own design business. She says her goal is

“…to create images that have that one special, magical touch which can create people’s awareness of the beautiful things around us. There a so many things that can give us joy, a smile on our face, things that amazes us: you just need to see them.”

Thanks Sam

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